About services at Pro Centre

Do you sell sex? Pro Centre offers a range of services to people who have sold sexual services. When you come here, you can be open about your experiences in the sex trade; we have lots of experience of dealing with these questions. Maybe you are currently working as a prostitute, and don’t want to stop, or maybe you have left prostitution behind or you would like to do so: whatever your situation, you are welcome to contact us. The help we provide is always based on your wishes and needs. Pro Centre is staffed by professional employees who all have a duty of confidentiality. You can contact us anonymously. All of our services are free of charge. We hand out condoms and lubricant in our reception, at our drop-in centre and at our health section. Pro Centre is open for enquires all weekdays from 08:00-15:35. We are located in Oslo, but anyone who sells sex, or who has sold sex in the past, can use our services. Our drop-in services – the drop-in centre are open all weekdays and the health service is open Monday-Thursday.
Our opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12.00-15.00. Tuesday and Thursday: 15.00-20.00

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